Dating domestic violence stories

28-Jul-2017 05:19

"And I loved him."Chloe no longer recognized the girl she'd become.

Eventually she found the courage to break up with Josh, but agreed to stay friends.

Brittany, who asked us not to publish her real name for her own safety, experienced domestic violence for the first time over 20 years ago as a teenager.

She said she was married to her ex-husband for 10 years and he became physically, verbally and sexually abusive after the couple's third daughter was born.

At a school dance, Chloe says, he refused to take pictures because he didn't like what she was wearing.

"It was embarrassing—my family and friends were there, and I didn't know what to say," she shares. " After that Chloe did "whatever he said" in order to avoid arguing.

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The victim/survivor may want to end the violence, but also preserve the family relationship. Domestic violence is the cause of half of the homelessness in America's women and children. Many abusers are remorseful after abusing the victim/survivor.

People who have not been abused by an intimate partner often say that if their partner ever abused them they certainly would leave. Domestic violence victims/survivors are not always passive – they are employing survival techniques every day to protect themselves & their children – everything short of leaving.

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