Youth skits on dating

14-Dec-2017 03:59

The scenes, monologues, and group orals presented here create situations that are both violent and problematic.Many of the situations are ambiguous so as to promote discussion; discussion questions also appear at the end of each scene.Bible Studies youth ESource Bible studies are written for use in congregational youth settings, but can be adapted for other settings.Studies vary from one-time studies to multi-part studies.The decisions you make now will set the course for much of what will follow during your mortal life and throughout eternity. It is our fervent prayer that you will remain steadfast and valiant throughout your lives and that you will trust in the Savior and His promises.When Matt only partially overhears a conversation of the church leaders regarding the scripture in Romans 12, he incorrectly interprets what is said.The various dramas are grouped around the themes of violence in schools, violence at home, violent language, violence and dating, violence and bias, violence in society, and violence and solutions.

Detailed stage directions are included to help the reader imagine the characters, their personalities, and their actions.The standards in this booklet will help you with the important choices you are making now and will yet make in the future.We promise that as you keep the covenants you have made and these standards, you will be blessed with the companionship of the Holy Ghost, your faith and testimony will grow stronger, and you will enjoy increasing happiness.Check in regularly for a dip into the Word of God to refresh and renew your spirit.

Fundraisers Ideas Advent | Back to School | Christmas | Easter | Lent | Summer | Servin’ Lovin’ Praisin’ Blog | Thanksgiving Parent Tips Parenting Point Blog Questions for God Answers to questions teens and young adults ask.Keeping the standards in this booklet will help you be worthy to attend the temple, where you can perform sacred ordinances for your ancestors now and make essential covenants for yourself in the future.