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My teens are always wanting to do something if they’re hanging around, and more often than not multitask- they love just hanging around, talking, doing crafts and listing to music or a movie in the background, or playing games, so why not give them the space to do that in a theme and run with it for Valentines?Rolled up jeans, and a button down shirt, or dark blue jeans and rolled up white t-shirt makes your outfit and any of your teens as well.(in alphabetical order) Cat has had the privilege of teaching and guiding the following people on their journeys in expanding their craft and creativity as songwriters and/or musicians.Since Cat has been teaching music professionals keyboards, music theory, and songwriting for over 35 years, some of these students studied with him quite a while ago, some more recently, and some continue to consult with Cat as their situation requires.Mike’s mother eludes them, but Scott falls in love with an Italian woman, later marrying her and gravitating back to straight society and the success that awaits him.

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He’s in love with Scott (Reeves), the wealthy mayor’s son who turns to the hustling life out of a sense of defiance and restlessness.

The film has its flaws, the most glaring of which is Van Sant’s attempt to incorporate Shakespearean dialogue from , especially early in the film in a drawn-out sequence detailing Bob’s mentorship of Scott and the rest of the hustlers.